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The Brand that Breeds Life

The name of the company represents the depiction of individuals who improve and or develop internal strength in the mind, body and soul, as well as manners at heart.Cultivated Ground is built on faith in God, positive thinking, righteous living, principles of prosperity, and spiritual growth.

Purchase Your COVID-19 Shirt & Help Find a Cure

The Coronavirus global pandemic has negatively affected millions of people around the world. The devastation is evident and it is clear that this virus and subsequent disease are causing havoc on communities worldwide. Your purchase of this shirt helps fund research, relief efforts, and community initiatives for underserved populations and people in crisis. 

To make your tax-deductible purchase, please visit cultivatedground.org.

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Cultivated Ground Apparel

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Cultivated Ground Missionary Foundation

Cultivated Ground, LLC Founder and CEO Kindu Hughley launched his non-profit organization steering from a vision that God gave him in a dream. Cultivated Ground Missionary Foundation enables him to use his gifts and talents to serve others and partner with programs around the world that are dedicated to rebuilding lives. Through the Foundation, individuals in crisis are able to find the support and resources they need to get back on their feet.

Kindu is very passionate about doing his part to help shape the world.  It is truly his calling and ministry.

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